Even teams like D2 Point Loma get considered for the Ouch List. Especially after the Sea Lions lost two games to Biola University in the eighth inning.


The Ouch List: Week Seven


If there is a reoccurring theme to the Ouch List, it is that it does not discriminate. The Pain Train does not care if you are a blue blood team that is the top-ranked program in the country or a bottom-feeder that has long been used to losing. Case in point, Virginia. Last week the Cavs lost twice at Miami by the barest degree… Ouch List.

CWS alum Texas A&M lost twice at home to Ole Miss last week… Ouch List.

Two weeks ago, Omaha-regular TCU got punked twice at home to Minnesota… Ouch List.

Three weeks ago Florida State, coached by the venerable Mike Martin who I love, lost two of three to middling Wake Forest… Ouch List.

I’ve been accused of being a UCLA homer. Guess what? Three weeks ago, the Bruins went 0-2 at the DodgerTown Classic and lost their best pitcher to an injury… Ouch List.

It doesn’t matter people. You trip, you fall. Ouch List.

But don’t worry, we also have regaled the travails of programs like Grambling, Army, Cincinnati, Northeastern and even my beloved Creighton Bluejays this year too. Again, the Ouch List is open to all those who fail to perform to our expectations.

With that in mind, check out who is the first team that is ticketed for this week’s Pain Train. The nation’s No. 1 team.

What Happened: Lost two of three at Utah
Why It Hurts: Say g’bye to the No. 1 ranking
Last year the Beavers lost four games in the entire regular season. This weekend they lost half that number to Utah. Of course, nobody saw this one coming. Especially since the Utes came into the weekend with a paltry record of 4-19. Yet here they were beating the Pac 12 Champions two-of-three, including Sunday’s 11-8 game where the Utes collected 18 hits off the vaunted Orange & Black pitching staff. Good Ness. Bryce Fehmel, who has been as steady as it gets in his first two years in Corvallis, took his first loss of the year by giving up nine hits and five runs in just 3.1 innings of work. The Beavers will drop from the top spot in the rankings, but we’re not going to sound any alarms over this series loss, there is a sort of mulligan rule to the rankings, even if a team loses a series to an also-ran.

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