Even teams like D2 Point Loma get considered for the Ouch List. Especially after the Sea Lions lost two games to Biola University in the eighth inning.


The Ouch List: Week Seven


If there is a reoccurring theme to the Ouch List, it is that it does not discriminate. The Pain Train does not care if you are a blue blood team that is the top-ranked program in the country or a bottom-feeder that has long been used to losing. Case in point, Virginia. Last week the Cavs lost twice at Miami by the barest degree… Ouch List. 

CWS alum Texas A&M lost twice at home to Ole Miss last week… Ouch List. 

Two weeks ago, Omaha-regular TCU got punked twice at home to Minnesota… Ouch List.

Three weeks ago[…]


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