Cal Poly celebrates a big win over Vanderbilt (Shotgun Spratling)


Rogers On The Road: Cal Poly Shines, Vandy, ASU Have Rocky Starts


What’s Included:

  • Cal Poly carries Big West torch in big way
  • Vanderbilt quick hitters
  • Arizona State quick hitters
  • Connecticut quick hitters
  • Pepperdine quick hitters

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Could the Big West be ready to surprise?

A season ago, the Big West was on what many would call the struggle bus. Cal State Fullerton was down, Cal Poly wasn’t a postseason contender, Long Beach State had a season that ultimately led to the dismissal of head coach Troy Buckley, and while UC Santa Barbara had an amazing regular season, the Gauchos didn’t reach the NCAA[…]


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