Sorenson: 37 Reasons Why 2020 Will Be Better Than 2019


Johnny Rosenblatt is my father. Annie Savoy is my mother. And I’m their bastard son.

Welcome StitchHeads. Welcome to year six of I’ll speak for everyone on the staff when I say that we’re all really proud of everything this talented team of writers has put together during this run. It’s been pretty freakin’ great, hasn’t it? Well now it’s time to load up this schooner and start another season on the high seas.

I’ve come out of the cave after 232 days of hibernating from our sport. Okay, to be more specific, it’s been 232 days, 13 hours and 28 minutes since Jake Eder threw the last pitch of that Vanderbilt win over Michigan. That’s 20,093,280 seconds since we last had college baseball in our lives.

Not that I’m counting.

While the haze of depression starts to lift with baseball’s first pitch on our doorstep, I thought I’d go ahead and kick off my season of writings and meanderings with 37 reasons why this year in college baseball can be better than last year. I know, it’ll be tough to top 2019, but here’s why it will…


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