I do not see good things ahead for the Seminoles after Tuesday's loss to Wake Forest.


Sorenson: Off The Top Of My Head, Tuesday


What’s Inside:

• Five Quick Hits
• Who Bubble Teams Are Pulling For
• Things I Wish The Committee Would Consider

Ahhhhh, here we are. Conference tournament week. My most-hated and most-loved week of the year. My ambivalence is caused by the fact that these conference tournaments are essentially useless. The regular season is usually eight-to-ten weeks long. That’s enough to decide the best team. Also, I hate to see those lower-echelon conferences reward a team that gets hot for one weekend, instead of using the team that is the most deserving AND that gives you the best chance to win some games in the NCAA Tournament. And of course, the biggest reason to hate conference tournament week is how it can wear out a pitching staff. And we’re talking six days before the start of the Big Dance. Yuck.

But then again, this week does allow for a high volume of college baseball on TV. So if you just want to veg out on the couch for six straight days, you can create your own blissful week of sitting in the man cave and having college baseball bliss from morning to night each day. And I guess the other positive side is seeing all these dogpiles from all of the 28 conference tournaments, seeing the excitement of a team making a big push and seeing their NCAA tournament dreams come true.

So I’ll try not to be too much of a curmudgeon about it all. Onward and upward, StitchHeads. It’s a great time of the year.


A few things that jumped out at me in college baseball today.

1- Calling my shot now… Mike Martin’s career is done.
I’m not saying this with any amount of glee, I swear. I love this dude. But unless they’re overtaken by the sentimental stuff, I can’t see the selection committee giving a Florida State team with an RPI at 55 an NCAA Tournament bid after today’s 7-4 loss to Wake Forest. Yes the Seminoles play NC State on Friday, but I don’t see them winning there either. So we’re talking about an FSU team that would finish with a 35-22 mark, falling short of 40 wins for the first time in the Mike Martin tenure in Tallahassee. They would also miss the Big Dance for the first time in that same 40-year span. Damn, I guess this is what they mean when they say records are made to be broken. Still… 11’s other records for excellence will never be duplicated.


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