Virginia Tech has a chance to improve it's lot this weekend at Georgia Tech.


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It’s Easter weekend, which means we have a heavy dose of Thursday games since a lot of series will be played Thursday-to-Saturday to avoid Easter Sunday. So this week’s “Off The Top Of My Head” will be a little more truncated than normal. Since I gotta get it to the printing press in time and all.

I’m in rainy stormy angry Baton Rouge for this weekend’s Florida-LSU series. Despite nasty thunderstorms in the area, they are going to attempt to get in Thursday’s game one by starting it at 8pm tonight. We’ll see if that gets done. You know how Louisiana rain is, it’s soaking through my shoes. (Thanks Tom)

But either way, this weekend should be an interesting one with a few ranked-on-ranked matchups. But there are also a tasty number of ranked-on-unranked showdowns that have big ramifications for the ever encroaching post-season, particularly Virginia Tech’s hopes against No. 11 Georgia Tech, UConn’s chance to gain more RPI points at No. 13 East Carolina, South Carolina’s last gasp (?) vs. No. 7 Texas A&M, Oregon’s chance to jump into the rankings vs. No. 4 Stanford and Cal’s continued climb going to No. 1 UCLA.

But let’s start with this…


– Let’s see how Missouri and Georgia react.
These two teams had wildly divergent weekends. Missouri nearly swept LSU, winning two of three, to give the Tigers their biggest weekend of the season. Can they handle this kind of success? Or better yet, can they win a tough road assignment in SEC play? The Bulldogs got stuffed twice at Tennessee, getting shut out on Friday and Saturday, before winning the Sunday getaway game. Them Dogs will be angry.


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