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For the second straight year Stanford head coach Dave Esquer had his team pose for a selfie after winning the Regional title.


Stanford Comeback Stuns Texas State, College Baseball World


PALO ALTO, Calif. — I think I just saw an “instant classic.” 

I did, right? 

Oh wait, I forgot to hash-tag it… #InstantClassic. There. 

Let me just start by saying that tonight’s game seven from Sunken Diamond was intense. And insane. And incredible. And inconceivable. 

And yes, an In-stant Classic. 

To explain it in simple terms – for you East Coasters who went to bed at a Tony Kornheiser-like 9pm or something – a 1-1 game between a scrappy mid-major and a powerful Power Five team turned into a jumbled mess in the ninth inning. With two out and the[…]