The TCU Horned Frogs make their first appearance on the Ouch List.


The Ouch List: Week Four


This week, we learn another valuable lesson about the Ouch List.

I was approached by the SID (that’s Sports Information Director in our world of college athletics) of a team that had a tough week. I won’t say who it was but this SID was pointing out to me that the program he (or she) works for played and lost a couple of one-run games. Because of those close games, this team did not deserve to be taking a ride on this week’s Pain Train.

First, this SID is very near and dear to me (hands pressed to my heart). And secondly, let me explain something once again… the Ouch List does not have feelings. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel the pain of others. It has zero empathy. It is cold, stark and completely unbiased about who gets on board.

So obviously, yes, losing close games IS a reason for pain. And you’ll find plenty of teams on this week’s list that had some painful endings to their games.

The Ouch List…

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