Connecticut could be part of an intriguing scheduling alliance (UCONN photo)


Three Conferences Discussing Regional Scheduling Alliance


College baseball coaches already have a wealth of experience dealing with roster management issues. Now, some coaches and administrators inside the Colonial Athletic Association, Big East Conference and Atlantic 10 Conference are looking to put together a temporary and regional scheduling alliance in all secondary sports to help save money in 2021.

With the coronavirus pandemic cancelling all spring sports and creating some unwanted uncertainty surrounding the college football season, college sports fans have seen some interesting happenings over the past couple of months. Some universities have announced layoffs, others have announced furloughs for athletic department employees, including some baseball coaches at places like Boise State. Some administrators are even struggling with the tough decisions of potentially cutting some Olympic sports.

Many programs around the country are investigating ways they can make life easier for their administrators from a budgetary standpoint, hence the idea of a regional scheduling alliance was created by Connecticut head coach Jim Penders. With the creation of this alliance, it would allow programs in similar regional proximities from the A-10, CAA and Big East to compete without placing a heavy burden on the programs from a financial standpoint.

“We’re working on trying to find a regional solution. It makes a lot of sense in the short term and my hope is that it would take a lot of financial burden away from the schools,” Penders said about the plan. “I first brought it up on a conference call with Big East coaches two weeks ago and I asked if anyone would be dead set against this. No one was. Essentially, we left the meeting looking to explore which other conferences would be willing to navigate this with us.”



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