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Campbell Baseball Facility Tour With Big Donkey


In this episode of the Big Donkey Fall Ball Tour, Stephen Schoch stops by Campbell University to take a look behind the scenes at what goes into making Campbell baseball so great. Their facilities are amazing, and they have a truly unique weight room that is the only of its kind in college baseball.

The Camels pride themselves on being “nobodies from nowhere,” and their facilities fully encapsulate that mindset and their chip-on-the-shoulder attitude. Do they have the most expensive and shiniest facilities? No, but what they do have – and the reason they have so much success – is the ingenuity to make the most of what they got.

I personally love the Camels’ setup – their field is beautiful, their locker room is neat, they have a mobile weight room named the Meat Wagon, and so much more. Nothing captures the college baseball spirit quite like the Camels, and it is one of the reasons they are such a fun team to follow year after year. Simply put winners find ways to win!

Be on the lookout for The Big Donkey’s interviews with Campbell head coach Justin Haire and #ProHump Zach Neto. Both will be coming to you on the D1BaseballDigital YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe!

00:00 Introduction
01:26 Nutrition / Training room
03:02 Locker Room
04:36 Closet
05:48 Catapult
07:37 Nobodies from Nowhere
08:42 Home Dugout
10:43 Meat Wagon
11:50 Bullpen
12:47 Back Field
13:50 Party Decks
14:41 Hitting Facility
16:27 Baseball Complex Entrance
17:55 Coaches Offices
21:24 Credits

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