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Richmond Baseball Facility Tour With Big Donkey


Join Stephen Schoch for a behind-the-scenes look at University of Richmond Baseball! Come along as graduate catcher Zach Lass and senior pitcher Harrison Clifton give us a look into what makes the Spiders so great! Richmond has been adding a number of awesome new elements to Pitt Field to improve the experience for players and fans alike.

Many of Richmond’s baseball facilities are shared with the rest of the athletic department. It’s important to note that while fully equipped baseball facilities are becoming more common in college baseball, it’s still the norm that baseball programs will be sharing elements such as training rooms and weight rooms with other sports. In this case, when one particular sport does well at the school, it generally means everyone’s facilities are getting an upgrade. This creates a really unique and cool community of support around the student-athletes across campus, where they all truly have a reason to want the others to succeed, beyond just school pride.

The last time I had been to Richmond was way back in high school, in 2014. The improvements they have made to the baseball program in the past decade have been truly awesome to watch. They are a program I definitely expect to see making a big splash in the near future!