Fall Report: Miami

Fall Report

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — Fans and boosters have been giving the Miami Hurricanes a pat on the back for returning to regionals in 2019 following an uncharacteristic two-year absence, but second-year coach Gino DiMare has been aiming his contact a foot or so lower.

Figuratively speaking, DiMare gave his players a good kick in the butt this summer and fall in an effort to guard against complacency. Last season’s 41-20 record was nice, but for a program that has won four national titles, appeared in a record 44 straight NCAA tournaments and sent numerous players to the majors, losing in the finals of the Starkville Regional was simply not good enough.

“We addressed complacency right out of the gate this summer,” DiMare said, “and I was hard on them this fall. But I think their mindset is right. I was just making sure.”

DiMare, just the fourth Hurricanes baseball coach since 1963, believes he has the type of roster that can win what would be Miami’s first national title since 2001.

The Hurricanes return nine legitimate starters for the batting order, three pitchers good enough to be aces and a closer who earned seven saves last season. …

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