Florida State legend Mike Martin doffs his hat the FSU faithful one last time.


2019 College World Series: Day Four In Pictures

College World Series

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OMAHA, Neb. — Well boys and girls, 11’s clock has struck midnight.

Yes tonight was the final game for legendary Florida State Seminole head coach Mike Martin, a 4-1 loss to Texas Tech at TD Ameritrade Park. After 40 years and 40 trips to the NCAA Tournament, his final out as a head coach has been recorded here in Omaha tonight. 

I won’t go into Martin’s story or legacy or even his final game, all that could take weeks to write out with any justice. And besides, that’s Aaron Fitt’s job at D1Baseball.com here after the last game. But I will say, keeping close tabs on him and his team down the stretch has been a joy to watch as the college baseball fan that I am. 

Mike Martin makes what would be his final visit to the mound on Wednesday night against Texas Tech.

As some of you StitchHeads might recall, I went to the Mike Martin Tribute in Tallahassee during his final home weekend of regular season play against Richmond in early May. At that Saturday night tribute dinner, when his team had an RPI of near 70 and didn’t look likely to get into the NCAA Tournament, he stood at the podium that night and said, “Don’t give up on those young men over there (pointing at the table full of Seminole players). They will fight you for 27 outs every single game and there is a lot of baseball left to be played this year.” 

Sure enough, he was prophetic. That table of boys played their butts off the final month of the season.They played so well they kept two big streaks in line; 1- The 40-wins per season streak. And 2- The 40-year NCAA Tournament streak. 

So the season ended in Omaha without a national title. Big deal. I think coach Martin has influenced enough young men and been a good example to so many more that he has won enough championships in life. He’s fine. Who needs a stinkin’ ring?

Number 11 is number one.

In other action today, the number of teams left playing our sport is down to five after Louisville eliminated Auburn 5-3 and Vanderbilt improved to 2-0 with a 6-3 win over Mississippi State. So that means the Commodores join Michigan as the two teams in the brackets who are within 27 outs of making the championship best-of-three next week.

Some more images from Wednesday’s games… 

Going all the way back to Tuesday afternoon, Tyler Fitzgerald put the Cardinals up 1-0 with a first inning solo shot. The Cards would never relinquish the lead from that point on.


Tyler Fitzgerald is given a papa bear hug after reaching home plate.


Faceplant! Auburn outfielder Judd Ward strikes the scorpion pose as he misses on this diving attempt early in the loss to Louisville.


Arrrrrgh! This ground ball sneaks between shortstop Will Holland (17) and second baseman Ryan Bliss.


Drew Campbell makes a diving catch to end the fourth inning (Eric Sorenson)


Drew Campbell shows the fruits of his labor, much to the excitement of the Cardinals bullpen… or at least two of the relievers look excited.


Hair a-flyin’ and all, Auburn catcher Matt Scheffler makes a catch in foul territory in the last game of the season vs. Louisville.


Louisville celebrates its CWS victory over Auburn (Eric Sorenson)


Auburn is bummed out to be leaving Omaha, but with a stout effort and a bunch of returnees next season, don’t be surprised if the Plainsmen make a return engagement to Omaha next June.


Vanderbilt’s Stephen Scott had a huge day at the plate, including this home run swing. (Eric Sorenson)


Four of the six Commodore runs were knocked in by Scott, shown here confidently rounding the bases.


Scott punctuated his day with an emphatic hand slap of head coach Tim Corbin as he headed toward home.


Tyler Brown ended up picking up his school-record 16th save of the season in the win over MSU.


Pat DeMarco took this diving gamble and lost, allowing Mississippi State’s Jake Mangum to reach safely as part of a two-run seventh inning.


Mangum also out-raced first baseman Julian Infante to the bag on this infield hit.


These are the strong arms of MSU’s Elijah MacNamee, who also sports a pretty cool arm tattoo.


A view from the press box of Mike Martin’s final pregame handshake with Texas Tech’s Tim Tadlock.


All American shortstop Josh Jung turns a twin-killing in the latter stages of the win over FSU.


It’s gotta be the crucifix eye-black. Two-hole hitter Brian Klein hit his second home run of the College World Series against FSU on Wednesday night.


Hats aplenty, the Florida State bench is still bummed out as they realize their magical 2019 postseason ride is coming to an end.


In the latter stages of Wednesday night’s final game, the reality of Mike Martin’s career coming to a stop is starting to set in during the final outs.


The Ol’ Vet sees his run end. Amongst a throng of cameras Mike Martin doffs his hat one last time before leaving the grounds of TD Ameritrade Park.


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