Boston College center fielder Sal Frelick (Aaron Fitt)


Golden Spikes Spotlight On Sal Frelick, Plus BC Takeaways


DURHAM, N.C. — It all started years ago, well before Sal Frelick and Cody Morissette and Mason Pelio and their classmates even showed up as freshmen at Boston College. Even as 16-year-olds, this group had a very specific vision.

“I think my recruiting class, my junior year in high school, we actually named our group chat ‘Omaha 2021.’ That’s always been our mentality,” said Frelick, now a third-year sophomore center fielder and a second-team preseason All-American. “I think when we set our goals so high, especially attainable ones, it’s just fun to try to chase them. We’re doing that one[…]


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