Catcher Jacob Ference has been a poster child for D3-to-D1 transfers. (Shotgun Spratling)


Jacob Ference, Ben Watson headline ‘All D3-to-D1 Team’ as Division III transfers make big impacts


Jacob Ference’s eyes sparkled in disbelief.

The Division III transfer from Salisbury arrived in the locker room ahead of his first practice at Virginia and couldn’t belief what was waiting in his locker. It hadn’t been caution taped closed, filled with styrofoam peanuts or some other prank. His teammates weren’t hazing the new guy. They likely weren’t even paying attention to him. Ference was seeing something they had come to expect in their locker.

“Our locker just has like 12 different shirts, three shorts, four stacks of shoe boxes,” Ference said. “And I’m just sitting there wide-eyed, jaw to the[…]


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