Troy righthander Andrew Crane (Troy Athletics)


Troy’s Crane Streaks Toward History


When it comes to Troy’s Andrew Crane, whose 36.2-innings scoreless streak is among the longest in college baseball history, the following is all true … and all amazing:

• He was cut from his high school baseball team as a Pascagoula (Mississippi) sophomore, judged by his coaches as not even good enough to help the junior varsity.

• He didn’t even try out for the team as a junior as he was by then engrossed in learning tennis, which he thought might earn him a junior-college scholarship.

“I was done with baseball,” Crane said of his thought process at the time.

• In the fall of his senior year, determined to give baseball one last chance, Crane missed baseball try-out day because he had rolled his right ankle playing soccer.

• He finally got his baseball career untracked – more on that later – and yet his only offer out of high school was to a junior college, and he was unable to throw a single pitch last year at Troy.

Crane, a 22-year-old righthander who started this year in the bullpen, credits his teammates with helping him create a streak that is challenging the national single-season record of 47, set by Tennessee’s Todd Helton in 1994.

“I don’t want the attention on me,” said Crane, a 6-4, 225-pound redshirt junior. “My teammates are the ones turning double plays and making diving catches. It’s about our defense as a whole putting up zeroes.”

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