Burl Carraway, Dallas Baptist (DBU photo)


Golden Spikes Spotlight: DBU’s Burl Carraway

Golden Spikes Spotlight

When Dallas Baptist’s coaches scrutinized their Trackman data on junior lefthander Burl Carraway, they realized arm slot, four-seam fastball action and hammer curveball bear a striking similarity with another hard-throwing Texan.

“We were looking at it with somebody from a pro organization, and they said, ‘Hey, this mirrors [Clayton] Kershaw almost exactly: the fastball’s at 12, the breaking ball’s at 6, and the gap between the two of them kind of mirrors Kershaw,’” DBU coach Dan Heefner said. 

It just so happens, that was a particularly useful comparison for a pitcher at Dallas Baptist. Kershaw is a Dallas native, and the Patriots run a clinic with him in inner-city Dallas every offseason, which provided a perfect opportunity to Carraway to pick the three-time Cy Young Award winner’s brain about his craft.

“This fall I pulled Kershaw aside and got them talking,” Heefner said. …

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