LSU’s Deichmann Earns Elite Status

Golden Spikes Spotlight

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Everything changes when LSU junior outfielder Greg Deichmann comes to the plate. The pitcher on the mound seems to look around a bit more, the opposing coach fiddles around with his clipboard a bit more and suddenly the discussions in the stands about where fans are going to eat later that night come to an abrupt halt.

Most fans know he’s worth watching, as chances are good something special is about to happen.

Few players in college baseball over the last decade have commanded that kind of respect. The most recent example would be TCU first baseman Luken Baker, whose raw power as a freshman last season dazzled fans and made opposing coaches sweat buckets.

Deichmann is a cut of the same mold and perhaps even more at least so far this season. Like Baker, he tends to change games with his more consistent power, while he has made strides in other areas, too, evolving into a quality corner outfielder and a clearly purer, smarter hitter.

“He’s found a home out there, [right field], I think, “LSU coach Paul Mainieri said. “He made a terrific catch on Friday night and he handles himself really well out there. Honestly, I think he’s turned himself into quite an elite prospect.”

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