6-4-3 Charts and D1Baseball Collaborate To Launch The Diamond Sports Ranking (DSR) – A New Era For College Baseball Team Rankings


In a groundbreaking collaboration, 6-4-3 Charts – a leader in college baseball and softball data analytics – and – the definitive online resource for college baseball – are proud to announce the introduction of The Diamond Sports Ranking (DSR). The innovative DSR system, created by 6-4-3 Charts, is set to revolutionize how college baseball (and softball teams) are ranked.

DSR addresses several critical aspects of the traditional Rating Percentage Index (RPI) that have long been points of contention in college baseball (and softball). Here are just a few specific ways:

  • Unlike RPI, which primarily focuses on win-loss records and strength of schedule, DSR introduces a more contextual game evaluation. It considers the specific circumstances of each match-up, such as the margin of victory and the game’s location, offering a deeper insight into a team’s performance.
  • DSR assesses team strength dynamically at the time of each game, rather than allowing the value of a win or loss to fluctuate based on opponents’ future performances. This approach provides a more accurate reflection of a team’s capabilities during specific periods.
  • DSR incorporates the margin of victory into its rankings, recognizing that the extent of a win can be a significant indicator of a team’s dominance, an aspect completely overlooked by RPI.
  • DSR ranks teams based on their probability of defeating an “average team.” In contrast, RPI doesn’t necessarily ensure the better team is ranked higher when comparing teams.

Read more details about DSR in 6-4-3 Charts’ accompanying ‘DSR Introduction’ blog HERE

Derek Weldon, CEO of 6-4-3 Charts, shares his vision for DSR: “DSR is more than just a new ranking formula; it’s a new chapter for college baseball rankings. Our collaboration with will ensure that DSR sets a new standard in how teams are ranked, offering insights that truly reflect the college game’s intricacies.” will feature DSR on its site, alongside RPI, and promote this new system, leveraging their extensive reach and influence in the college baseball community. This partnership marks a significant milestone for the sport, combining 6-4-3 Charts’ expertise in data analysis with‘s comprehensive coverage and deep understanding of college baseball.

Since 2017, 6-4-3 Charts has been at the forefront of sports data analytics, continuously expanding its services and offerings. The introduction of DSR, in collaboration with, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and commitment to the college baseball community. The 6-4-3 Charts team believes that DSR could one day become the gold standard in college baseball due to its modern structure, sport-specific considerations, and transparent & versatile nature.

With its implementation, DSR looks to become an essential tool used by coaches, media, and fans as an improved starting point for assessing a team’s season. For a more detailed breakdown of the development, formulation, and implications of Diamond Sports Rankings (DSR), visit the 6-4-3 Charts blog:

About 6-4-3 Charts

6-4-3 Charts currently serves 600+ College Baseball and Softball programs by providing the most accurate and insightful data for opponent scouting and player development purposes. The team at 6-4-3 prides itself on understanding the importance of being able to provide actionable data accompanied by informative visualizations. Their versatile services are both concise enough for coaches who prefer a quick look into specific tendencies and comprehensive enough to be valuable for programs with a dedicated analytics staff.

The current suite of 6-4-3 Charts applications includes on-demand scouting reports with customizable chart design options, an interactive Web Application with a multitude of features, a pitch tracking and data visualization suite, and TrackMan SYNC, the best-in-class visualization application for TrackMan data. In 2022, 6-4-3 Charts partnered with Synergy Sports, a division of Sportradar, which allows Synergy clients to interact with video throughout the 6-4-3 Charts Web Application, TrackMan SYNC application, and the Synergy application, which is devoted to reporting and visualizing Synergy data and video. 6-4-3 Charts offers all of these services in addition to their innovative spray charts and standard scouting reports.

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