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D1 and 6-4-3 Charts

D1 Expands Partnership With 6-4-3 Charts


D1Baseball readers will get an even better user experience during the 2023 college baseball season, thanks to an expanded partnership between D1 and 6-4-3 Charts.

D1Baseball worked with 6-4-3 Charts during the 2022 season to improve the Scoreboard and in-season RPI calculations. D1 writers and editors also had access to 6-4-3’s platform for player research and evaluation.

It’s the same platform used by hundreds of college coaches throughout the year to assess their own players and scout their opponents. While 6-4-3 Charts began with spray charts and scouting reports, the company now provides complete data and video solutions for all levels of college baseball and softball.

For 2023, 6-4-3 and D1 will expand their partnership, providing deeper integrations and improved statistics, as well as data insights that D1Baseball readers have never had access to before.

“Just a year ago, we were thrilled to announce an initial partnership with 6-4-3 Charts,” D1 managing editor Kendall Rogers said. “Now we’re taking this strategic partnership to another level, and the most important people — the fans, coaches and players — will benefit more than ever.”

More Robust Stats For D1 Readers

Going forward, 6-4-3 will power all of the player and team statistics at (as well as, with historical data going back to 2017. The 6-4-3 integration will add advanced statistics like BABIP, wOBA, Strikeout Rate, Walk Rate and WHIP, along with such split types as Last 8 Games for hitters and Last 3 Appearances for pitchers, and a more customized user experience. Additional integrations will include access to exclusive 6-4-3 Charts content like win probability and park factors.

The integration of D1 and 6-4-3 Charts’ data will give softball and baseball fans access to advanced metrics not found on any other public site. “I love diving into the data, charts and win probabilities with our crew at D1Softball and the team at 6-4-3 Charts,” D1Softball’s Tara Henry said. “I’m also excited about increasing the data available to softball fans across the world through this continued partnership.”

The team at 6-4-3 Charts is also excited about the potential of the relationship with D1.

“We were excited to launch our partnership with D1 last spring, so we are thrilled to grow the partnership this year,” said Derek Weldon, 6-4-3 Charts CEO and co-founder. “D1 is the premier platform for college baseball and softball fans to interact with content and media, and the powerhouse team of Kyle, Kendall, Tara, Aaron, and many other of the top college baseball and softball analysts is second to none. We are excited to bring our expertise to offer fans an experience interacting with stats, analytics, and visualizations like never before.”

Weldon said the partnership reflects 6-4-3’s continuing growth in both its capabilities and the types of data it offers.

“Over the last five years, we’ve both grown immensely in our respective positions in the college baseball and softball communities,” Weldon says, “and expanding our partnership will merge our strengths to offer college baseball and softball fans a comprehensive experience interacting with stats, analytics, and visualizations like never before.”

With the extended partnership, 6-4-3 Charts will continue to work closely with the D1Baseball and D1Softball staffs to provide the most meaningful, accurate, and up-to-date statistics.

“When it comes to partners, we always want to be associated with companies that love and want to grow college baseball and softball,” Rogers says. “6-4-3 Charts had already emerged, but their trajectory continues to skyrocket, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to continue to be aligned with Derek, Rick, Natalie, Luke, and the rest of the team at 6-4-3 Charts.

“We’re just getting started.”

6-4-3 Charts serves more than 500 NCAA baseball and softball programs by providing the most accurate and insightful data for scouting and player development. The team at 6-4-3 prides itself on providing actionable data and informative visualizations. Their services are concise enough for coaches that prefer a quick look into tendencies, yet comprehensive enough for programs with a dedicated analytics staff.

Founded in 2017, 6-4-3 Charts has expanded the markets it serves and increased the breadth of its offerings to become the market leader in visualizing and reporting on baseball and softball data. Its current suite includes on-demand scouting reports with customizable chart design options, an interactive web application, pitch tracking and data visualization, and synchronization of user-uploaded visualization applications for pitch tracking files. The company also has a new partnership with Synergy Sports that allows Synergy clients to interact with video throughout the 6-4-3 Charts’ web application.

You can get more information about 6-4-3 Charts at the company’s website,