Driveline Becomes D1Baseball’s Official Development Partner


D1Baseball and Driveline Baseball announced a strategic partnership today that promises to raise the bar on analytics-driven player development at the college level.

Driveline Baseball becomes the Official Player Development Partner of D1Baseball, and will bring its expertise to player analysis and evaluations across D1’s digital channels. Driveline, the global leader in data-driven player development, will contribute to existing D1Baseball’s editorial features, as well as introducing new ideas and features. D1Baseball will help to grow Driveline’s footprint in the college game, and builds on its commitment to deliver the most comprehensive coverage to the college baseball community.

Driveline Baseball is at the epicenter of the data-driven player-development movement and works at the highest levels of amateur and professional baseball. Driveline will bring cutting-edge insights, data analysis and developmental expertise to D1Baseball.

“When people talk about the cutting edge in baseball development and training, Driveline is the name that immediately comes to mind,” said Kendall Rogers, co-owner and managing editor of D1Baseball. “Driveline does an amazing job of taking the data and telling the whole story on a player, while using that information to offer unique instruction. Driveline’s focus is to use information to make every player better, and that aligns with our mission to provide college baseball fans with the best information possible.”

Driveline founder Kyle Boddy said, “Advanced analytics is finding its way into all facets of player development from the pro to the amateur ranks. With this partnership, Driveline Baseball looks to work with D1Baseball to provide the clearest, most insightful picture possible for the elite collegiate athletes.”

The partnership with Driveline Baseball will allow D1Baseball to go the extra mile when it comes to prospect coverage. “We already have access to a robust amount of data and scouting reports,” Rogers said. “Now we’re prepared, with the help of Driveline, to take everything we do as a company a step further. In addition to taking a deeper dive into many players and prospects, we’ll also feature a plethora of prospects who have utilized Driveline’s approach to improve their game.”

A good recent example is Duke’s Bryce Jarvis, who spent part of last summer at Driveline’s training facility in Washington (along with other facilities), and turned into a budding star in 2020.

Driveline Baseball’s history and success is rooted in research and development. From optical tracking and biomechanical analysis, to monitoring and utilizing baseball physics, Driveline has been at the forefront of converting data to actionable training.

Boddy is one of the pioneers of this age, and he now also serves as the Director of Pitching Initiatives for the Cincinnati Reds — one of the eight employees Driveline shares with major league clubs. Jason Ochart, Driveline’s Director of Hitting, serves as the Philadelphia Phillies Hitting Coordinator. Driveline also has more than 20 former employees in pro ball, becoming the industry’s finishing school for the progressive baseball coach, analyst or trainer.

D1Baseball was built to give anyone who cares about college baseball a one-stop shop, while also going deeper into college baseball than ever before. The partnership with Driveline is another important piece of that puzzle.

“I couldn’t be more excited to begin this partnership with Driveline,” Aaron Fitt, co-owner and managing editor of D1Baseball said. “Their staff has an unrivaled ability to use cutting-edge technology to evaluate players and help them improve, and their expertise will be an invaluable resource for our writers and our readers. I can’t wait to see what we can produce together.”

During this unique time for all of the baseball community, this partnership serves to produce insightful content to further drive the love of the game forward when no games are being played. And as for when normality arrives back to college baseball, know that D1Baseball and Driveline will be there.

“I’m thrilled to get this partnership going with Driveline,” Rogers said. “I have a great deal of respect for what they’ve built and for what they do for the college game. Together, we will provide fans with something they have yet to experience. It’s an exciting time for D1Baseball.”

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