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Uniformity: Rate College Baseball Get-Ups

We have tried to keep an eye out for interesting uniforms over the first three weeks of the season, and several bold get-ups have already caught our eye. This week’s installment of Uniformity, our weekly look at some of college baseball’s most unique uniforms, features a few of the more eye-catching styles I’ve come across early this season.

Each week, we’ll feature five programs who have unique or new jerseys, and we’ll ask you rate each jersey on a scale of 1-5 (where 1 is “hate it,” and 5 is “love it”). Near the end of the season, we’ll take all of your favorites and build a bracket for you to vote for your favorite bold uniform combination of 2015.

This week’s competitors include Alabama State, Arkansas-Little Rock, McNeese State, South Florida and Tulane.

Alabama State

When I asked Twitter about these bumblebee uniforms during the first weekend of the season, the response was largely positive, with a number of respondents comparing them to the 1970s-era Pittsburgh Pirates unis. Earlier in the weekend, the Hornets donned the charcoal uniforms you’ll also see below. I gathered from Twitter that there has been a lot of backlash against the charcoal fad, but I thought these worked.

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Arkansas-Little Rock

There’s a new coaching staff in Little Rock, and the Trojans also have a new uniform inspired by the Philadelphia Phillies. It’s a classic pinstripe look with thick maroon piping down the sides, and a simple interlocking L-R logo. Pretty sharp.

UALR's new uniformUALR’s new uniform

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McNeese State

We’re told that the idea behind these uniforms is to blend the present with the past. The blue and yellow color scheme really pops, and the batting helmet is very sharp, with the old-school cowboy logo on a field of yellow.

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South Florida

The 1980’s Astros striped theme here is nothing new, but I had not seen it with this multi-hued green color scheme before. The colors evoke the Seattle Seahawks. Do you think it works?

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This light blue Cardinals-inspired jersey, with the twin pelicans standing on either side of a baseball bat, generated some discussion after we posted it along with our Top 25 earlier this week. What do you think?

Hunter Williams (Tulane)Hunter Williams (Tulane)

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