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Uniformity: Rate The Get-Ups

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Just a few weeks ago, we asked college baseball coaches and sports information directors to send us photos of the newest uniform styles their teams are using this college baseball season. The response was overwhelming, but didn’t encompass everything. For instance, we had an opportunity to see two brand new Houston jerseys last weekend at the Houston College Classic, while Texas A&M also showed off its new threads during the six-team tournament.

Each week, we’ll feature five programs who have unique or new jerseys, and we’ll ask you rate each jersey on a scale of 1-5 (where 1 is “hate it,” and 5 is “love it”). Near the end of the season, we’ll take all of your favorites and build a bracket for you to vote for your favorite bold uniform combination of 2015.

This week’s competitors include Arkansas, Houston, Richmond, Saint Louis and Texas A&M.


The Razorbacks already have a terrific set of uniforms, but have added another element to their wardrobe with the addition of the “throwback” style cream jersey. The throwback jersey includes striped stirrup socks with red piping up and down the jersey. The jersey also includes the ultra-classy “A” logo on the chest. This might just be my favorite uniform in college baseball, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who used to have UCLA No. 1, and by a wide margin.

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The Cougars might have struggled in the Houston College Classic last weekend, but they at least looked good in doing so. The Cougars unveiled a pair of new uniforms — one black with a red hat, the other a white jersey with red pinstripes. Both new uniforms deviate from Houston’s usual block “Houston” across the white and red jerseys, while the most significant addition was of course the black jersey.

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Take one look at Richmond’s new red jersey and it’s not difficult to figure out where the inspiration for this new thread came from. That idea, of course, came from the Boston Red Sox. Though the jersey might not be ultra-unique, the helmet is a different story. Very often in college baseball, the logos on helmets indicate the school name with a standard “R”, “T”, “A”, whichever it is. But for Richmond? It chooses to put the much more unique mascot — a spider — on them. Interestingly enough, Richmond doesn’t have the spider on the actual on-field hat per say. Instead, it has a unique-fonted “R”.

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 Saint Louis

The Billikens didn’t get too crazy with their trio of uniforms this season, but they’re certainly each unique in their own way. SLU has an old-school Astros-themed jersey and a blue jersey that’s rather unique because it has its mascot’s face on the back of the jersey. Finally, the Billikens added a black jersey this season, and it’s a much classier look with a cool-fonted “Saint Louis” written across a black jersey with stripes on the shoulders. I’m interested to see how these uniforms grade out.

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 Texas A&M

In quite a surprising move, the Aggies basically revamped their entire uniform line outside of the road gray jersey, which they wore this past weekend at the Houston College Classic and is included in this photo essay. The Aggies added three jerseys. First, they have a cream-colored combo throwback/new type of jersey. The cream obviously is an ode to the past, while the font “Texas A&M” is a more modern font-type. The Aggies also have a maroon V-neck jersey (there’s that V-neck again!), while most surprising, they’ve added an all-black uniform, which we’re still itching to ask coach Rob Childress if he’s a fan of.

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