The Michigan bench spills onto the field to celebrate Jesse Franklin's first inning solo shot home run, which turned out to be the game-winning hit.


2019 College World Series – Day Three In Pictures

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OMAHA — Okay, by show of hands, who here had a Big 10 team starting the College World Series 2-0 and within 27 outs of making the championship best-of-three series?

Go ahead, don’t be shy. Raise ‘em up. 

(SFX: Crickets chirping)

Yeah yeah, that’s what I thought. But I’m not being condescending here, I didn’t have them pegged for this 2-0 role either. How could you? They were one of the “last four in” to the Field of 64 to begin with. Egad. Usually that’s a ticket to a nice 1-2 or 0-2 weekend in the Regional round, which leaves no one raising a single eyebrow.

But to my defense, any radio show I went on this week I did say that I was starting to drink the Kool-Aid on the Wolverines, especially after seeing them put the clamps on No. 1-ranked UCLA last week in Los Angeles. This UMich team showed they were a bunch of mad ballers and ready to pull their own version of a Fresno State if you will. 

So tonight’s 2-0 win, replete with Tommy Henry’s three-hit, 10-K performance, was one for the ages for the Fighting Schembechlers. And the ramifications of this win could be history making.

Great Lakes Fever! Michigan players rush the field after Tommy Henry was able to procure the final out of his three-hit gem.

Meanwhile, we said g’bye to our first team in Omaha today. Surprisingly it was the Arkansas Razorbacks. This was a team most of us figured would be on a mission to get back to the championship round after how last season’s best-of-three ended against Oregon State. Instead of snorting fire out of their Hog snouts, they went all cochon de lait on us. Despite making the CWS in back-to-back years for the first time ever, they couldn’t overcome Florida State (a 1-0 loss) and today against Texas Tech, a 5-4 come-from-behind win for the Raiders. 

By the way, did you know that coming into today the Razorbacks held a 46-14 lead in all-time games vs. Texas Tech? But they are now 1-2 vs. the Raiders when they’ve matched up in the post-season.


Some more images from today’s first game between Texas Tech and Arkansas…  

This swing provided the first home run of the year for Easton Murrell, who was batting leadoff for the Red Raiders in the place of Gabe Holt, who is out with an injured arm.


… which also gave Murrell the chance to put some style and profile into his home run trot. (Note the umpire imitating him as well. Get your own home run trot ump!)


Dominic Fletcher rounds second and steams toward third with a very determined look on his face.


“All hail the benevolent grand champion of the people!” Josh Jung is welcomed back to his dugout as a conquering hero after his 6th inning home run.


Yesssssss! Red Raider players explode at the sight of Cody Masters rocketing a top-of-the-ninth RBI triple, accounting for what would be the winning run.


The Raiders survive. Texas Tech players run out onto the field after surviving the ninth inning, which saw Arkansas put their first two batters on base.


First baseman Cameron Warren goes to congratulate third baseman Parker Kelly after the final out is made and the umpires sprint off the field to avoid any idiots. Note Arkansas’ Matt Goodheart in disbelief after making the final out.


A dark day for the Razorbacks. After last year’s crushing heartbreak, this year was another trip to Omaha, but came out this time completely empty-handed.


Autograph seeking kids in the foreground, “Hey man, look, if we grow up to play baseball for Arkansas we can have pretty girls like this hugging us at the end of games too.”


Michigan went with Thomas Henry on the mound, and boy-ar-dee, are they glad they did…

Tommy Henry, replete with his matinee idol good looks, put the clamps on Florida State, striking out 10, giving up just three hits and most importantly not relenting a single walk.


“When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, Salvatore…” That’s what the Animals of Section B sing about Mike Salvatore at FSU home games. Here, he gives the Garnet & Gold some hope with a first-inning double.


Mike Martin goes out to the mound to check on his starter C.J. Van Eyk. It’s tough to think that “11” could be just 27 outs away from the end of his career.


Give some big time props to FSU relieverJonah Scolaro who threw the final two innings and went a perfect 6-for-6 in strikeouts via batters faced.


Having already shown up on ESPN SportsCenter’s Not Top 10 list, Jordan Nwogu had a faceplant slide into third base that left him with a cut on his forehead and me wondering how he didn’t break a wrist in the process.


Whoa. Whoa! WHOA!… Michigan left fielder Christan Bullock had an adventurous time out in the meadow tonight. But he did get this compliment from Mike Martin after the game where he said, “You’ve got to say, gosh… Christan Bullock just killed us with a couple of plays out there in left field.”


When head coach Erik Bakich came out in the eighth inning to see how his ace was, you could see whatever Tommy Henry said it even had the umpire smiling. (He would stay in the game)


Wolverine left fielder Christan Bullock had such a good game he gave Lady StitchHead a look of confidence in the 8th inning after a team huddle.


One more look at Tommy Henry screaming for vengeance after the final out of the game, while FSU third base coach is looking for answers in the background.

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