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Schoch Factor Podcast, Ep. 11: Rain Delay Entertainment

The Schoch Factor


Welcome to The Schoch Factor, a podcast featuring former UVA relief pitcher Stephen Schoch and Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman of @CespedesBBQ, brought to you by S2 Cognition. We begin with a hearty salute to all the rainy baseball that was played and not played this weekend and discuss the best and worst parts of rain delays, including a celebration of Upside Down Man. Next, we discuss the strange seasons of Ole Miss and Mississippi State and how weird it is to watch the defending champs struggle so much. Then it’s time to talk some TIES after the awkward ending to the Louisville/Wake Forest series. We then tackle the difficulties of watching Pac-12 baseball before diving into our Show and Go segment highlighting all the best moments of the week, including: Eastern Kentucky hitting a bunch of homers, the bizarro North Dakota State/Miami series in May (?????), a walk-off dinger for Texas A&M’s Brett Minnich, an incredible HR robbery by Maryland’s Troy Schreffler, and a welcome to D1 for Queens University. Finally, we go BEYOND D-I and celebrate an epic 12-inning complete game upset in D-II by Nicholas Schouten of Wisconsin-Parkside and then the unbelievable balancing act of Cole Hampton from Missouri S&T.