Final 2020 Power Rankings: Third Base

Position Power Rankings

Before the season started, we unveiled power rankings for every position, following the same guiding principle we used to form our Preseason All-America Teams: If we were building a team to win the 2020 national title, which players would we choose? Even though the season was canceled prematurely and there will be no national champion, we’ll stick to that philosophy with our final updated power rankings.

These are NOT professional prospect lists, though they do take pure talent into consideration. We considered past performance and offensive statistics, but we also try to keep the numbers in context, because some leagues or ballparks are more offensive than others, and some leagues simply have more talent than others — so all stat lines are not created equal. And because the season was only four weeks long and nonconference strength of schedules vary so dramatically, we tried not to overreact to 2020 statistics. We made some adjustments based on performance this season, but we also gave some latitude to players who proved themselves over previous seasons and got off to slow starts this spring. We also considered defensive ability (especially at premium positions), makeup and reports of development in the preseason and the shortened spring season.

Finally, remember that there are 301 Division I teams, and we’re ranking the top 10 percent of starting players at each position. Many good players in the remaining 90 percent just didn’t make the cut.

With all that said, here’s a look at the top 30 third basemen in college baseball. With Vanderbilt’s Austin Martin shifting from the hot corner to center field and Louisville’s Alex Binelas limited to two games by a broken hamate, the top spot was up for grabs. Ole Miss slugger Tyler Keenan seized that No. 1 position with a robust month, building on his excellent sophomore campaign. Find out who else made the cut.

  1. Tyler Keenan, Ole Miss
  2. Cody Morissette, Boston College
  3. Zack Gelof, Boston College
  4. Brett Auerbach, Alabama
  5. Kaden Polcovich, Oklahoma State


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