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Stanford had a lot to crow about after Tommy Troy kept his post-season magic going with a grand slam in the second game of the day vs. A&M.


Cardinal Supplying A Year’s Worth Of Deja Vu


STANFORD, Calif. — Talk about clutch.

The No. 1-seeded Stanford Cardinal came into the day having lost on Saturday night to Texas A&M 8-5 and needing to pull off two wins against against really good teams in order to keep their hopes of making yet another trip to Omaha alive.

And sure enough, they got their two wins, one over Cal State Fullerton by a white-knuckling 6-5 score and the other over Texas A&M by a bruising 13-5 score.

Now the favored Cardinal go into their one last winner-take-all game with the Aggies on Monday night having the pressure to[…]