On In Omaha with D1Baseball – The CWS Preview Show


Mike Rooney, Kendall Rogers, and Aaron Fitt are LIVE at the Win Reality booth in the Omaha Baseball Village to preview the 2021 College World Series!

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    • I think you guys ran old John off. Have not heard from him in quite a while. I was surprised he did not chime in when Stanford won the Super. However, he tends to save his anger for you SEC/ ESPN/ DISNEY fans.

      • Personally, I don’t want to run anyone off..but the forum should be factually based, imo..a good debate among posters can be interesting, but Conspiracy Theory Guy never posted anything but conjecture that was either unproven innuendo or outright falsehoods that could easily be refuted and then when called out on it; he doubled down with more crazy conspiracy drivel..

  1. So was at last night’s AZ/Vandy game.. awesome game. Vandy fans were class, surprisingly.. AZ fans are always class.

    Virginia with the crowd support for obvious reasons. Tennessee is also loved here. Great fans, country charm and humble.

    SEC fans won’t like this comment but proof is in the pudding. The conference was overrated and it’s showing. Vandy however, with their 1, 2 punch might be the favorite. The NCAA has got to get beyond the SEC bias and stop automatically giving the SEC 6 host sites with 3 guaranteed supers. It’s pathetic. Maybe the answer is allowing cities to bid like they do in the field of 64 with a 3 year stipulation that you can only host once per 4 years.

    The food is awesome. Miss St tailgating I’d rate as the best. Texas second. The weather has been good. Hot yes but tolerable. Best news is no injuries and the crowds are loud. Fans are enjoying themselves. Lots of kids here enjoying the festivities instead of staying home playing fortnite or cod.

    To the SEC fans, during march madness all the B1G heard was overrated from everyone including the SEC. Shoe is now on the other foot. If MSU loses tonight, I’m hoping they don’t as my 2nd favorite team is whomever is playing Texa$$, well expect the “overrated” posts to be sounding.

    Good Luck to all the teams. May your achievements be forever remembered.

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