Projected Field Of 64: May 4

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Just a few weeks ago, we released our first in-season Field of 64 projections at the midseason mark. Since that point, we’ve had two projections, and there’s even more movement to report this week, particularly from a regional hosting perspective.

The most notable change in last week’s projections was Texas’ entrance as a top eight national seed. Even with a home series loss to Texas Tech, the Longhorns remain a top-eight seed in this week’s projections. There is one change, though, with Pac-12 leading Arizona entering the top eight after yet another strong weekend, and with an Oregon road series loss to Washington State. The Ducks remain a Top 16 and a regional host. As for the rest of the top eights, the order in the top five remains the same with Arkansas, Vanderbilt, TCU, Mississippi State and surprising Notre Dame leading the charge.

In terms of the national Top 16 seeds, there’s again more movement. Last week, we had Nebraska, Charlotte, South Carolina and Louisville as hosts and Top 16 seeds. This week, those four teams are out and these teams are in — Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Florida and Louisiana Tech. Tech picked up a huge road series win over Texas and has a very favorable schedule down the stretch, Ole Miss is in the driver’s seat after sweeping South Carolina at home, Florida is poised to finish strong after a series win over Vanderbilt and Louisiana Tech bounced back from a series split in strong fashion with a road sweep.

Our updated bids by conference: ACC (9), SEC (8), Pac 12 (6), Big 12 (5), Conference USA (4), Big Ten (4), American (2), WCC (2), Missouri Valley (2), Big West (2). 


Maryland, Georgia Southern, Rutgers, Virginia, Kentucky


Oklahoma State, Georgia, Iowa, Tulane, San Diego

D1Baseball staff writers Kendall Rogers, Aaron Fitt and Mark Etheridge assemble the projections.

D1Baseball Projected Field of 64: May 4
1. Arkansas* (1)1. East Carolina* (16)
4. Oral Roberts*4. USC Upstate*
2. Baylor2. South Carolina
3. Nebraska3. NC State
1. Vanderbilt (2)1. Pittsburgh (15)
4. Wofford*4. Lehigh*
2. Old Dominion2. UCLA
3. Georgia Tech3. Connecticut*
1. TCU* (3)1. Florida (14)
4. VCU*4. Florida A&M*
2. Oregon State2. Florida State
3. Fairfield*3. South Alabama*
1. Mississippi State (4)1. Louisiana Tech* (13)
4. Jackson State*4. New Orleans*
2. Southern Miss2. Louisville
3. Tulane3. Dallas Baptist*
1. Notre Dame* (5)1. Stanford (12)
4. Central Michigan*4. San Diego State*
2. Indiana*2. UC Irvine
3. Indiana State3. San Diego
1. Arizona* (6)1. Oregon (11)
4. Grand Canyon*4. Bryant*
2. UC Santa Barbara2. Gonzaga*
3. Oklahoma State3. Georgia
1. Tennessee (7)1. Ole Miss (10)
4. Wright State*4. Morehead State*
2. Virginia Tech2. Charlotte
3. Liberty*3. Clemson
1. Texas (8)1. Texas Tech (9)
4. Stony Brook*4. Northeastern*
2. Michigan2. Arizona State
3. Miami3. Iowa

48 responses to “Projected Field Of 64: May 4”

  1. Hope texas tech finishes strong and keeps a hosting spot. Looks live a fun and talented field of 64

  2. Mississippi State has already played and beaten all 3 teams in their regional. Granted all 3 teams have improved over the season, but so has State.

  3. I love the Fort Worth “regional.” We got Connecticut, Oregon, Virginia and Texas. I’d much rather have this than those DBU and Sam Houston State matchups

    • Yeah I think D1 shit the bed on that projection. You are probably going to get DBU. And maybe Tulsa if New Orleans goes to Arky.

    • The Fort Worth regional has Oregon State, not Oregon. Oregon will host a regional. Two different schools.

    • Agreed. Seems inexplicable to me, too…unless you believe in the conspiracy theories about D1Baseball & ESPN being in bed with the SEC East (but not the SEC West) AND the ACC. Oh, wait…I haven’t heard those (yet) either. So…I’d say it’s just inexplicable. Also inexplicable that the evil D1Baseball/ESPN/ACC consortium truly believes there are more tourney-deserving teams in the ACC than the SEC.

      Could be a clever ploy to keep ACC & SEC East fans clicking on their content until the rug is pulled out from under them, and “they” direct the NCAA which non-ACC teams to put in the tournament…

      ….Or it could be three guys who know a lot about college baseball peering over the horizon and making reasonable (if flawed) projections about how the next 3 weekends + conference tournaments will play out.

      Nah, gotta be a conspiracy. You people probably think Biden won the election, too.

  4. Really? Getting excited about a mythical Field of 64 as D1Baseball sees it is pretty much meaningless. Yes, these guys are pretty knowledgeable about baseball, but when has their 64-team field ever looked like the NCAA’s at the end of the season? Get excited when the NCAA picks the actual Field of 64.

    • I believe the last 2 years, they were 63/64 and 62/64 of getting the teams in correctly.

      • this is not, by chance, Steve Lane from Lexington, is it? Who now lives in Nashville? I know you if I hit it right!

    • Steve Lane – I think you are right about the accuracy of D1 to guess the field. But wasn’t that after most or all of the games had been played?

      And I won’t get excited about anyone’s 64 Team field guess till the games are played. It’s baseball on COVID. More talent / parity than ever before.

    • Right? UConn is on the ropes for meeting the minimum number of games to qualify for the Big East Tournament.

  5. Never count out s miss or la tech. It’s tourney ball. Big diff. Anybody well almost. Can wind up n Omaha

  6. seems there are some top 16 seeds who have yet to, or just did, crack the top 20 in the rankings. Looks like the ol’ NCAA “opportunity for all” gerrymandering going on. I need to check Oregon and Stanford, maybe they are both top 16 teams, but the polls (until just now for Stanford, and barely, at that) surely have not agreed with this. Wonder what the conference RPI is for the PAC-12? Surely is behind the SEC, ACC and Big 12. Also, looks like the “Covid” missed series that originated at the U. of Pittsburgh, turned into an advantage over say, Louisville. Not sure I get how you miss a series, your fault, then you jump the team who was supposed to have played you, while staying behind that team until now in polls. Also, what happened to avoiding COVID hot spots? But, sure sounds like the typical NCAA logic to me! I mean, what other corporation or institution in America re-ups the contract for a bungler the magnitude of Emmert? Only in education, and all its trimmings can such a ridiculous thing happen.

    Last, seems the ECU seeding is way off from their rankings over the past 6 weeks. How does their conference RPI compare to the PAC-12? If it is about the same, this surely is rude, unfair treatment for ECU and a bonus for a PAC-12 whose RPI is at best, 4th. And maybe more like 4a, with ECU’s conference being 4b. That gets you two teams? Suppose that is reward for being relevant quite a while ago, or maybe the continuous rewards bestowed upon Power 5 Conferences, by the NCAA. Hope you guys are trying to “think like the NCAA”, with this, and not really believing that all of a sudden a Top 10, + or – 2 spots, gets you the 16th seed. Again, I thought the NCAA hated such rich man, poor man setups. This appears based more upon 25 years of NCAA tourney history than it is based on 2021.

  7. Can the NCAA just look at Texas and lift all restrictions? Let people be adults and go if they want to and stay home if uncomfortable. This continued restriction is idiotic. Rangers have been shoulder to shoulder since April with no surge and cases plummeted.

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