Jace Chamberlin is mobbed at home plate after his walk-off home run. (Shotgun Spratling)


Chamberlin Walks Off For Fullerton


STANFORD, Calif. — Jace Chamberlin didn’t know what to think. His brain didn’t know what to do. His body just continued trotting.

“I saw the right fielder go back and look up. I don’t really remember much from there,” Chamberlin said. “I have nothing to say…I think I blacked out.”

The Cal State Fullerton freshman was trying to piece together the sequence of events in his mind, but even he was left speechless by his dramatic pinch hit, walk-off home run to beat regional host Stanford, 2-1.

When Chamberlin went to the plate with two out and no one on base in the ninth inning, he was looking for a pitch he could drive. Stanford reliever Will Matthiessen missed high with a fastball and low with a curveball before an outside fastball attempt leaked back over the plate. The 6-foot-4, 240-pound Chamberlin took a hefty lefty hack, connected and watched the ball sail.

“I thought I got it,” Chamberlin said. “There was a little doubt in my mind, but not much.”

There shouldn’t have been any.

The ball hit the scoreboard in right-center field. Chamberlin held his right arm in the air and screamed in delight as he rounded the bases. He spiked his helmet halfway down the third base line unveiling a postseason bleach blond mohawk. He thudded a stomp on home plate to send the Titans into the regional championship where they will await the winner of Sunday’s Baylor-Stanford matchup.

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