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Baumann: Big Numbers Through Week 3


It’s still too early to draw big-picture conclusions about the season, but it’s not too early to have a little fun with numbers. Here are some interesting numbers that have popped up through three weeks.

2: Number of Undefeated Teams Remaining

It feels a little weird, after Texas A&M’s 24-0 start last year, to be down to only two schools with unblemished records: Gardner-Webb and Georgia Tech. And both of those teams should enjoy it, because it’s likely that neither makes it through next weekend unscathed. But just for fun, let’s see who ought to be the last team standing.

Georgia Tech hasn’t played a power-conference team yet, and this coming week will be an adjustment with four tough road games. Even if the Jackets make it through Auburn on Tuesday, the next stop is a three-game series at Florida State, so let’s just say that if Georgia Tech gets all the way to 15-0, it’ll be big news.

Gardner-Webb is 13-0 by virtue of several close calls–five one-run games, three of them decided in extra innings. The Bulldogs have feasted off a schedule of small Northeastern schools–Iona, Rider, Delaware State–that are known primarily as 14- or 15-seeds in the NCAA basketball tournament and not at all in baseball. The bad news for Gardner-Webb is the next game–Tuesday on the road against North Carolina–is probably the toughest game of the year. The good news is that if the Bulldogs can get past UNC, the schedule opens up again in a big way thereafter, which makes Gardner-Webb, if not the favorite to be the nation’s last undefeated team, then the only school with a shot at putting together an extended run beyond this point.


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