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Draft Deadline Winners


How you judge the aftermath of the MLB Draft signing deadline is all a a matter of perspective. From the perspective of the college team, all you can hope for is that some of your recruits that were drafted choose to bring their talents to campus in the fall, and if you’re lucky a couple players from your current roster that got selected end up opting for another year at school.

It’s not any sort of failure on a school like UCLA’s part that Hunter Greene took $7 million to go play professional baseball or that another player took an over-slot deal in the late rounds and was talked out of playing college baseball. So we are not going to focus on teams that “lost” by losing big chunks of their roster or recruiting classes. Instead, we sought the answer to the question “who came out of the signing deadline the most unscathed?”

For some teams, the smile on their coaching staffs’ faces can stem from returning key parts of their present roster. For others, that positive feeling is all about a powerhouse recruiting class that didn’t just end up a fantasy roster of players that ended up in pro ball, but instead a young crop of stars that will actually be coming to campus this fall.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the college teams that should be the happiest coming off the MLB Draft signing deadline and some of the star players we’ll be seeing on campus in 2018.

Gators Getting Another Wave of Stars

This would fall under the category of “the rich get richer.” Not only did the Florida Gators take home a national championship this year, but things worked out about as well as they could have imagined in terms of the signing deadline as well. This piece is only about players who were subject to the signing deadline this year, but it also sure doesn’t hurt that the Gators can return such a significant part of their pitching staff, including Brady Singer.

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