Kentucky righty Zack Brown (Aaron Fitt)


MLB Draft Reports: 121-130


As we count down the days until the 2016 MLB Draft, it’s time to begin taking a closer look at the top prospects in the land and what exactly they bring to the table for the teams that are considering selecting them. With a focus on scouting grades and in-depth analysis, we’ll be providing batches of scouting reports on players ranked in our overall top 150 prospects from now through the eve of the draft. In addition, we’ll be set to provide further evaluations on players with late rising stock that could potentially be making late pushes for top 150 status.

This installment includes scouting reports on a hard throwing Texas A&M righty as well as a prized Arizona recruit. Evaluations of an Ohio State star, as well as one of the top college shortstops in the country are also included in this batch of detailed reports.

(Commitments for high school players are indicated in parentheses)

121. Nicholas Quintana, ss, Las Vegas, Nev. (Arizona)


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