Texas got caught in a buzzsaw and lost three times to Stanford this weekend.


The Ouch List: Week Four


Wow. This was an adventurous week on the Ouch List. Lots of material to work with here, thanks to a lot of big time disappointment across the landscape of Division I college baseball.

However a host of teams managed to pull out Sunday wins and avoid the Ouch List altogether. After surveying the land on Saturday night, I had my eye on teams like Texas Tech, North Carolina, San Diego, Oral Roberts, St. Mary’s and Indiana, but all of them pulled out Ws and barely avoided getting *honored* here in our favorite column of the week. It’s kind of like somebody swimming up to the boat and climbing in just before Jaws was about to chomp their foot.

But who did not avoid the carnage? Don’t worry, we were still able to find a full list of unfortunate victims.

– Georgia Tech
What Happened: Swept in three games at Clemson
Why It Hurt: An ominous start to ACC play.
The Techsters came into the weekend with a 9-3 record and ready to prove they are back to contending status again in ACC play. Clemson gave them a rude awakening. After winning Friday night’s game in their final at-bat, 3-2, the Tigers swept the Jackets in a Saturday double-header by a combined 20-5. After Xzavion Curry’s decent start on the mound on Friday night, the Jackets just didn’t have the pitching to match up with the Tigers.

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