Midseason Field of 64 Projections 2021

Midseason Report: Projected Field Of 64

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With seven weeks in the books and seven more to go before most conferences wrap up their regular-season schedules, it’s time for our midseason look at the state of college baseball.

On Tuesday night, our panel of Mark Etheridge, Aaron Fitt and Kendall Rogers met to assemble a midseason field of 64 projection, and recorded the conversation to post as this week’s Nerdcast. This early in the season, the RPI is still very fluid, and many conferences are very early in their league schedules, so trying to build the field is a tricky process filled with subjective evaluations about teams and projections about how we think teams will finish. Which is to say, this field does NOT represent how the field would look if the season ended today; we’re still looking ahead and trying to project how we think the field will look on Memorial Day, based on what we have learned over the first seven weeks of the season.

Not surprisingly, the SEC dominates our top 16 national seeds, landing the top two seeds, three of the top five, and six of the top 13. The SEC is also tied with the ACC for most regional bids overall (nine apiece), followed by the Pac-12 (six bids), Big 12 (five), Big Ten and Conference USA (four apiece).


Iowa, Stetson, Wichita State


Alabama, South Alabama, UC Irvine

D1Baseball's Midseason Projected Field of 64
1 Vanderbilt* (1)1 Miami (16)
4 Murray State*4 Stony Brook*
3 Ohio State3 Connecticut*
2 Old Dominion2 Florida
1 Arkansas (2)1 Louisville (15)
4 Lehigh*4 Ball State*
3 Nebraska3 Kentucky
2 Oklahoma State2 Indiana State*
1 TCU* (3)1 Oregon State (14)
4 Bryant*4 North Dakota State*
3 San Diego3 Gonzaga*
2 UCLA2 North Carolina
1 Texas Tech (4)1 South Carolina (13)
4 Fairfield*4 USC Upstate*
3 UC Irvine3 Liberty*
2 Arizona State2 Georgia Tech
1 Ole Miss (5)1 Tennessee (12)
4 Jackson State*4 UNC Wilmington*
3 Pittsburgh3 Indiana
2 Southern Miss2 Virginia Tech
1 East Carolina* (6)1 Louisiana Tech* (11)
4 North Carolina Central*4 SE Louisiana*
3 Clemson3 Baylor
2 Charlotte2 Oregon
1 Notre Dame* (7)1 Texas (10)
4 Wright State*4 Fordham*
3 Alabama3 Stanford
2 Michigan*2 Louisiana*
1 Arizona* (8)1 Mississippi State (9)
4 Sacramento State*4 Samford*
3 UC Santa Barbara*3 South Alabama
2 San Diego State*2 Florida State