Vanderbilt's Dansby Swanson has had an incredible season, and our Frankie Piliere projects the draft with the shortstop going No. 1 overall to the Diamondbacks.


2015 D1Baseball Mock Draft

Going back as far as anyone who covers the draft can remember, a mock draft is usually prefaced with a disclaimer that projecting picks in the first round is tricky business. But, without a doubt, the 2015 crop of talent presents a challenge like we’ve never seen before when it comes to handicapping the first 30 picks.

The sense among most scouts you talk to is that this is as wide open as it gets, even as the clock winds down. And the uncertainty starts at the very top of the class, where even the teams picking in the top three or four slots seem to have very little confidence in how things will shake out. 

In recent weeks, we’ve seen new names linked with the Arizona Diamondbacks with the first choice in the draft, but all those rumors have done is create more scenarios that reverberate throughout the round. With that said, here’s our projection of how things could go down on Monday, weighing all the latest industry buzz and scouting information.


DBacks90X901. Arizona Diamondbacks – Dansby Swanson, ss, Vanderbilt

The industry has no true sense of the Diamondbacks’ leanings here, but the feel is that Swanson has the best odds and that there’s a chance they could pivot to Tyler Jay or Brendan Rodgers.

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