Virginia third baseman Zack Gelof (Aaron Fitt)


2021 Draft Reports: College Prospects 21-25


There were only four weeks of a college baseball season to look back on for many talented players when assembling our College Top 150 prospect rankings last week, but we saw what we saw and ranked them accordingly.

Last Tuesday, we kicked off our in-depth scouting reports with a detailed look at prospects in the 1-5 range. Wednesday, we took a deep dive into the prospects in the No. 6-10 range. Thursday, we had reports on prospects 11-15 and Friday prospects 16-20. We continue to move forward with prospects 21-25 headlined by Zack Gelof (Virginia), Hunter Goodman (Memphis), Jose Torres (NC State), Mason Pelio (Boston College) and Christian MacLeod (Mississippi State). …


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