A's Catcher Omar Plascencia lunges to tag Ranger runner Jack Riedel, but is a shade late.


2019 Area Code Games Wrap


LONG BEACH, Calif. — Well that’s it. Dunzo. The End. Finis.

The 2019 Area Code Games officially came to an end on Friday, the fifth day. And the Texas Rangers made sure today’s final day was a special one by winning the unofficial Area Code Games championship by virtue of a 3-2 win over the Athletics and sporting an ACG-best 4-1 record on the week. We’ll get to more about the Rangers and their title in a bit. First some more important business.

In case I hadn’t mentioned it enough, any of you players or the players’ parents who are reading this, take heed. I would not be a good ambassador of our sport of college baseball unless I made sure to point out that 68% of the players in Major League Baseball played either at a four-year university or at least at a two-year college.

So unless you are a top five round draftee that is going to get top-round money from a professional organization, you are probably better off going to school and being a stud for three years and improving your draft stock at the same time. The number of players that have drastically improved their draft status after going through two or three years of college is immeasurable. And besides, wouldn’t your parents want you meeting the girl of your dreams and future wife on a college campus and not at some rickety old diner in the sticks as you were playing minor league ball?

Okay, let me push my soap box back under the desk and now back to the Area Code Games again.

I know there is not a lot of value put on competition or championships here at the ACG, but in case you were wondering, here is how the final standings ended up for the week…
1- Rangers, 4-1
2- Brewers, 3-1-1
3- White Sox, 3-2
4- Yankees, 2-2-1
4- Nationals, 2-2-1
6- Athletics, 2-3
7- Royals, 1-3-1
8- Reds, 1-4


A Rangers coach talks to the team after Friday’s win and is about to present the game ball to Jack Riedel (22).

As for recapping Friday’s last day of action, we’ll start with the most important game of the day…

Athletics – 000 000 2 – 2  3  5
Rangers – 002 010 0 – 3  6  1

The Rangers clinched their ACG title with this one-run win in what was Friday’s third game of the day. The key stat to center around is the fact that the A’s committed five errors in the game. Compare that to just three hits and two runs of their own. Yuck.

Anyway, in the pivotal third inning the fashion in which the two runs were scored is almost impossible to describe here. But suffice to say that once the Rangers got a leadoff single from J.D. Gregson (Baylor commit) and an “E5” off the bat of Dalton Beck (Wichita State commit), both players advanced a base on a passed ball. Elijah Nunez (TCU commit) was walked to load the bases. Then, A’s catcher Omar Plascencia (Uncommitted) tried to pick off Beck who was taking a big lead off second. The ball then went from catcher-to-shortstop-to-catcher-to second base-to-third-base (overthrow). And not cleanly.


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