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Area Code Games: Day Four Wrap


LONG BEACH, Calif. — This is usually the time of year where I brag about covering the Area Code Games under the perfect Southern California conditions; usually upper 70s with a cool ocean breeze coming in along with the lingering marine layer early on in the day making sure people dress in layers.

Long Beach usually has the weather to make all the visiting players from around the country jealous as hell. While places like Dallas, Phoenix,  Miami, Chicago and Birmingham are stewing in triple digit heat this time of year, players from all over the country can come to the ACG and chill out with perfect weather.

Not this year.

A bizarre heat wave is affecting more than just the fire danger areas of the Golden State. Even locations like these near the beaches are feeling unseasonably hot temps and making this year’s Area Code Games one of the hottest on record. Today, while, for example, Dallas was in a “cool spell” at 95º, it was 97º here in the LBC.

Luckily, as the late afternoon kicked in so did the clouds, so some late afternoon relief from the heat was just what the doctor ordered as things became overcast.

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