Cape Cod Prospect Rundown: Chatham Anglers


The Anglers finished the regular season tied for 1st place in the East Division with an overall record of 24-18-2. They then went 0-2 in the first round of the playoffs against Harwich. All-Stars included Jamal O’Guinn II (USC), Kolby Kubicheck (Texas), Dawson Merryman (Midland JC), Brady Smith (Florida), Jorge Arenas (Stetson), Kaden Polcovich (NW Florida CC) and Ben Ramirez (USC).


Brady Smith, C, Florida, 2020– The 6-foot, 200 pound backstop hovered around a .300 batting average for much of the regular season. However, Smith’s 1-for-20 finish with ten strikeouts dropped his final regular season slash to .233/.343/.400. During my look, his swing was smooth and easy, but had some length making him late to contact. Showed a controlled stride with good separation and extension and used his hips well during his swing. Behind the plate he blocked well with below average receiving skills. Showed an above average arm with average carry, although his 2.00-2.05 POP times had below average accuracy as most throws were off-line. After a strong sophomore season at the plate for the Gators (.270/.392/.428) and in a weak college draft class for catchers in 2020, Smith is likely to jump into…

Our analysis includes players from Georgia Tech, Arizona State, Texas, NC Central, Kentucky, Hawaii, Miami, Oklahoma State, USC, Florida, Stetson, Bradley, Vandy, West Virginia, Wichita State.


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