Auburn's Casey Mize (Auburn)


College Heat Sheet: Week 10


It was another cold week for the Heat Sheet as it was shutout for the second time this spring. Despite our weekly extensive coverage of college baseball throughout the country, we did not see any pitches thrown at 96 or better. We did hear whispers of Durbin Feltman (TCU) throwing more gas, pitching in the upper-90s this weekend, but he made our list weeks ago. Our season total remains at 30 rocket arms, with six more weeks remaining in the regular season.

With plans to cover Cal at Stanford and UCLA at Cal Poly among many other games this coming weekend, look for several names to be added to the Heat Sheet in Week Eleven. Buzz of 5-foot-8 Zach Wolf (Seattle) and Peyton Culbertson (Arkansas State) throwing 96 or better could be confirmed.

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