Matt Canterino, Rice (Aaron Fitt)


D1 Analytics: Top 100 Draft Eligible Pitchers


A supplemental method used by most organizations (some to a much greater extent than others) to identify potential prospects is through statistical analysis. As scouts continue to build their prospect follow list for the 2019 draft, the analytics department for each front office will send its area scouts a list of analytic follows. In many instances, the names on the analytics list will match those already on a scout’s list. In other instances, a couple names on the analytic list may be new to a scout, prompting the scout to get out and take a look at the office’s recommendations. We have approached the analytics process in similar fashion—to identify possible under the radar prospects. We have broken down pitching into three categories: Zone Control, Pitch Ability, and Durability. Zone Control (ZC) is how well the pitcher controls the strike zone with strikeouts, walks, wild pitches and hit by pitch. Pitch Ability (PA) refers to a pitcher’s ability to pitch using statistics like WHIP, FIP and OppSLG. Durability (DR) is largely based on innings pitched as college starting pitchers have shown greater success in professional baseball than college relievers. Adjustments have been made to account for park effects of the most extreme hitter and pitcher friendly parks, as well as an adjustment for a team’s strength of schedule. Our analysis is based on 2018 spring season statistics only and does not consider how a pitcher fields his position or holds base runners. Nor does it consider a pitcher’s athleticism, arm action, delivery, projection or any other in-person scouted qualities. It is simply a list to identify pitchers who have statistically performed in areas that are proven to correlate into professional baseball. Pitchers are graded from 0-100.  A=90-100, B=80-89, etc. Drew Parrish


Rank Pitcher Yr School Overall ZC PA DR
1 Connor Thomas Jr Georgia Tech 93.5 92.9 90.3 95.6
2 Matt Canterino Jr Rice 92.5 91.3 91.1 94.5
3 Drew Parrish Jr Florida St. 92.5 87.8 91.0 95.8
4 Kyle Brnovich Jr Elon 90.6 84.0 93.1 98.1
5 Mitchell Senger Jr Stetson 90.5 87.5 92.5 91.6

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