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D1 Analytics: Top Senior Hitters


Since the advent of bonus pools and the slotting system in 2012, college seniors have become valuable in the draft. Not only as prospects, but also as money savers for each club’s limited bonus pool. As a 22- or 23-year-old, there isn’t much projection and development remaining so a senior must be able to perform right away. And in reality, perform everyday to earn playing time. This leads us to the question: Which seniors should have the best chance of doing this?

One simple way to justify a senior’s ability to step right in and perform at the pro level is his current performance in college. To determine this, we have broken down hitting into three categories: Zone Control, hit ability, and game power. Recently, we have improved and adjusted our methodology from our preseason lists. Adjustments are made to account for park effects of the most extreme hitter and pitcher friendly parks, as well as an adjustment for a team’s strength of schedule.

With one week remaining in the regular season, here are our top performers in the batter’s box with the MLB draft nearing. Iowa’s Tyler Cropley and Georgia’s Keegan McGovern lead the charge.

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