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High School Top 100 With Commitments

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In a number of ways, the 2015 high school draft crop has become a free for all at the top. There is plenty of first round talent to go around, but entering the spring many of the top spots on draft boards were and remain up for grabs. As is the case with the college crop, this group of high school players is not one of the deeper ones in recent memory. But, a number of players have stepped forward this spring and positioned themselves well to move up the follow lists of high ranking scouts.

One of the most interesting battles to watch atop this list is the one for the title of best high school pitching prospect. For now, hard throwing northeast righty, Alabama commitment Mike Nikorak, has taken hold of that title, as he’s come out of a cold winter with a mid-90s fastball and a hard, late biting curveball. Southern California lefty and UCLA commitment Kolby Allard still has a strong case for that title, but a lower back injury has slowed his momentum in that department. Florida righty and Florida Atlantic commitment Austin Smith and his exploding 95 mph fastball has also found himself skyrocketing up draft boards in recent weeks.

The biggest story of the spring on the high school side, however, is the continued emergence of athletic hitters at the top of the class. Texas Tech commitment Trenton Clark and Florida commit Kyle Tucker have enjoyed excellent spring seasons, moving up draft boards on the strength of their advanced hit tools and ability to show power to all fields. Perhaps the most intriguing athlete in the class is Texas native, dual-threat quarterback and five-star Texas A&M recruit, Kyler Murray. Murray has spent most of this spring as a designated hitter but has some of the loudest tools in the 2015 draft.

The 2015 high school class is a wide open one, and the uncertainty will lead to a lot of fascinating, wildcard type selections in the early rounds that sure to surprise us. While it may not be a loaded group at the top, the crop shows solid depth and the late emerging power arms are a major point of strength.

Note: Brady Aiken and Jacob Nix will be featured in our D1Baseball.com overall draft rankings later this spring. As 2014 graduates, they were not included in this 2015 high school graduate prospect list. 



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