Indiana righty Gabe Bierman (Indiana Athletics)


The Summer Scouting Trail: Kernels Collegiate League Pitchers


Here are some quick hits on pitching prospects from the Kernels Collegiate League, located in Normal, Illinois.

Gabe Bierman, RHP, Indiana (2021) There are some really good changeups in college baseball and Bierman has one of them. My first look at his cambio was in the spring of 2019 at Michigan when he was a freshman reliever for the Hooisers. Bierman closed the Friday night game and earned a save by pitching three perfect innings, striking out the final eight batters he faced. At that time, he featured a plus-plus 81-83 mph sinking changeup and an 88-90 mph fastball. Fast forward to the present with a 91-93 mph fastball and a continued impact changeup, he has also added a 77-81 mph breaking ball with a low-2400s spin rate to his mix. It’s a pitch that will flash above average on occasion, yet is still the third best pitch of his arsenal. His changeup spins…

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