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2021 Big West Preview: Who Can Challenge UCSB?

Season Preview

Our conference preview includes:

  • Projected Order of Finish
  • Preseason Awards
  • Top Prospects
    • Top 15 Prospects, 2021 Draft
    • Top 10 Prospects, 2022 Draft
    • Top 10 Freshmen
  • Team by Team Breakdowns

Change is good. And good change is even better. 

For the past few years I have started my Big West preview in this forum with “C’mon Big West, ya gotta get better.” And now, I can proudly say, it has happened. In spades too.

By mid-March of last year the Big West had made some real big ripples in college baseball for the first time in quite a while. UC Santa Barbara was thought to have a[…]


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