2021 D1Baseball Third-Team Preseason All-Americans

Season Preview

D1Baseball’s editors and national writers select the preseason All-America teams with one guiding principle in mind: to identify the best and most valuable college baseball players for the 2021 season. Past performance and future potential factor into the deliberations, but the goal is neither to identify the best future major leaguers nor to reward the players who have put up the gaudiest numbers in past seasons (particularly since the level of competition varies significantly from one conference to another). The objective is to select the players who would provide the most value for a team that wanted to win the College World Series in 2021 — the players who are best equipped to perform against elite college competition this spring.

We begin today with a look at the third team, which features a pair of NC State teammates at shortstop (Joe Torres) and outfield (Tyler McDonough). Check back later today to see the second team and the first team.

Third-Team Preseason All-Americans

CMichael Rothenberg, Duke4YR JR.349/.551/.6051.156435021715101
1BAlex Toral, Miami4YR JR.296/.435/.5931.02854105161390
2BRobert Moore, Arkansas2YR FR.317/.403/.444.84763202178153
3BPeyton Graham, Oklahoma2YR FR.358/.457/.6121.069678031012128
SSJose Torres, NC State2YR FR.333/.369/.533.90260303133202
OFTyler McDonough, NC State3YR SO.354/.457/.5541.011654031614107
OFGrant Richardson, Indiana3YR SO.424/.453/.7971.25059325174161
OFEthan Wilson, South Alabama3YR SO.282/.329/.465.79471403124206
DHJohn Rhodes, Kentucky2YR FR.426/.485/.6721.15761101119251
UTKenyon Yovan, Oregon5YR JR.429/.566/.7141.2805621491590
SPSteven Hajjar, Michigan3YR FR302.7040201124.240
SPJaden Hill, LSU3YR SO000.004211.2517.028
SPChristian MacLeod, Mississippi State3YR FR400.864021635.127
SPMichael McGreevy, UC Santa Barbara3YR SO200.994027.1726.190
SPBraden Olthoff, Tulane4YR JR400.324028347.128
RPTyler Grauer, Indiana State5YR SR011.597511.1123.239
RPStephen Schoch, Virginia5YR SR111.6211516.2524.167
UTKenyon Yovan, Oregon5YR JR0020.25201.130.571

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Doug Odom
Doug Odom
7 months ago

Just for the sake of argument and not to take anything away from an incredible player and prospect, but based on your objective of wanting to identify impact players on teams in search of Omaha in 2021 that are equipped to perform against elite competition, could you talk about 2-yr freshman Robert Moore’s inclusion as 3rd team 2B over fellow SEC 2-yr freshman Peyton Chatagnier who had the better offensive year in the truncated 2020 season while being tasked with hitting much higher in the order from the outset in that season? Moore obviously has the defensive edge but only stats put forth for these lists are offensive which would suggest an edge for Chatangier early in their respective careers. Again, mostly for the sake of argument on a slow Monday. 

Joe Francis
Joe Francis
7 months ago

How in the world is Connor Kokx from Long Beach State not a pre season All American?

Chris Gardner
Chris Gardner
7 months ago

How in the world is Kevin Abel not on one of these lists. You’ve got a 2nd year Sophomore I’ve never heard of on the 2nd team but not Abel who dominated Arkansas in the deciding NC game as a true Freshman.

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