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2021 Missouri Valley Preview: The Patriot Way

Season Preview

Our conference preview includes:

  • Projected Order of Finish
  • Preseason Awards
  • Top Prospects
    • Top 20 Prospects, 2021 Draft
    • Top 10 Prospects, 2022 Draft
    • Top 10 First-year Freshmen
  • Team by Team Breakdowns

Three teams from the Missouri Valley Conference made the NCAA Tournament in 2019: Dallas Baptist, Illinois State and Indiana State. Those three squads were ranked 26th, 24th and 23rd, respectively, in RPI, which gave the MVC the sixth-best conference RPI, more than proving its national status as a multi-bid league. But this year, we anticipate more at-large spots than usual will be gobbled up by the more-loaded-than-ever SEC and ACC, potentially leaving the MVC with just[…]


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