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2021 WCC Preview: Pepperdine Looks To Continue Where It Left Off

Season Preview

Our conference preview includes:

  • Projected Order of Finish
  • Preseason Awards
  • Top Prospects
    • Top 30 Prospects, 2021 Draft
    • Top 10 Prospects, 2022 Draft
    • Top 10 First-year Freshmen
  • Team by Team Breakdowns

The West Coast Conference was off to a great start in 2020. Four teams had already won 12 games, led by a 12-3 Pepperdine squad. Only three teams were below .500. The two schools that were more than a game below .500 were our top two picks in last year’s conference preview, so we were still expecting them to turn things around. Alas, the season was shut down and we didn’t get to see who could[…]


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