After the final out was recorded the black-clad Volunteers streamed onto the field for the celebration. (Photo by Eric Sorenson)


2024 SEC Extra Honors

SEC Extra

Another SEC season is in the books. We had another SEC vs. SEC championship matchup, another first-time national champion in Tennessee and later this month we’ll have a whole new slew of first-round picks from the league.

To put a bow on 2024, below are SEC Extra’s all-SEC teams and superlatives from the season.

All-SEC First Team

C Cole Messina, South Carolina
1B Jac Caglianone, Florida
2B Christian Moore, Tennessee
3B Charlie Condon, Georgia
SS Justin Lebron, Alabama
OF Jace LaViolette, Texas A&M
OF Braden Montgomery, Texas A&M
OF Dylan Dreiling, Tennessee
DH Blake Burke, Tennessee
SP Hagen Smith, Arkansas
SP Luke Holman, LSU
SP Ryan Prager,[…]