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These LSU fans in the outfield were hoping for a lot of home runs but with the wind blowing in from centerfield there was no way they were going to see a screamin' meemie into the outfield bleachers.


Etheridge – SEC Schedule Release Reaction

SEC Extra

There’s six hours of my life well-spent.

Well, I suppose there’s some beauty in the eye of the beholder. Or, in this case, the schedule beholder.

The SEC released the conference schedule for the spring of 2024. I know, exciting, right?

I took that opportunity to pore through it, looking for exciting storylines and evaluating the schedule from soft as a cupcake to tough as a $5 steak.

Who should be feeling good? Who is grunting and groaning? We’ll dive in.

I first compiled the overall schedules and checked how each team’s 10-week schedule stacks up when considering the last[…]


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